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Welcome to ANEST IWATA

ANEST IWATA USA, Inc., a manufacturer of air compressors and quality spray equipment since 1926, has been actively involved in the spray equipment industry in the United States since the late 1980's. Today, ANEST IWATA is the leading producer of spray guns in the world. ANEST IWATA has captured more than 60% of the high-quality industrial spraying equipment market in Asia, and in certain Asian countries owns over 80%.

For over 20 years, ANEST IWATA has been the private label manufacturer of the air spray guns sold worldwide by the leading American manufacturer. While many of these spray guns have been used by general industry, some have also been utilized in automobile refinish operations. Starting in 1989, the primary thrust of the initial ANEST IWATA sales effort in North America has been aimed at the auto refinish market.

Since 2000, interest in our spray equipment from multiple industrial markets has increased tremendously. We aim to serve all markets with the variety and choice of the highest quality spray equipment available.

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